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PurchasingOne platform automates enterprise purchasing by streamlining the purchasing process from the time a request for items is made to the time they are received. An intuitive web based interface integrates security, workflow, communication, management and reporting in one easy to use package, eliminating the need to track and manage paper forms.

PurchasingOne offers features and capabilities that greatly reduce the amount of time and effort required to create and manage the complex purchasing process so you can free up resources to focus on procurement, not paperwork.

PurchasingOne facilitates the enterprise to leverage greater control on approved vendors and items and thereby expenses; allowing the enterprise to take advantage of not only the preferred negotiated rates with approved vendors, but also allow allocation of costs to the appropriate accounting codes.

PurchasingOne further boosts efficiency by reducing steps required to create a Purchase Order by allowing users to save Purchase Order Templates for frequently ordered items. Users can quickly create new purchase orders from their existing templates with the click of a button.

Auto email notification on purchase order status changes ensures that purchase orders receive timely attention and don't get "lost".

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