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DigitalOne is a multi-faceted solution that provides you with a single point of access to all documents including, but not limited to, received faxes, scanned paper documents, emails, print capture (electronic capture of printed output from your existing information system) and electronic files.

DigitalOne captures documents at the source eliminating the need to first convert and then scan them into your system. Once captured, documents can be manually or automatically profiled. DigitalOne document retrieval is only a click away, to search document profile information or to use the intelligent text-based search option.

DigitalOne seamlessly integrates into your EMR, ERP, CRM, and other business applications to create a single point of online access to all relevant information as soon as it is available thereby leveraging your current technology investments so you can realize the true value of your knowledge assets.

DigitalOne's robust functionality not only saves valuable space and provides disaster recovery for your documents; it also enables collaboration on these documents with your co-workers. Online collaboration and tracking allows documents to be routed to a recipient's DigitalOne inbox for action and follow-up. Flexible alerts and warnings ensure that these documents receive timely attention and are not misplaced or ignored. Integrated outbound fax and email capabilities satisfy traditional document distribution. DigitalOne boosts your productivity further by fax enabling any existing desktop application that can print.

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